Spartanization Plug-In For Eclipse

Posted on Sat 09 March 2013 in misc View Comments

I would like to share an Eclipse plug-in that I have recently developed. It possible to install it from the following update site:

If you are not familiar with "spartan programming", you can read about it on this Jeff Atwood's post or here for more detailed description.

Refactoring Example

My plug-in makes it possible to perform some of the spartanizations automatically. The following refactorings will be added into the Eclipse's refactor menu:

  1. Convert Conditional to Ternary - when possible, this refactoring will convert short if-else statements into ternary statements thus reducing the number of lines.

  2. Eliminate Redundant Equalities - will remove true or false from expressions which explicitly compare a Boolean with true or with false.

  3. Shortest Conditional Branch First - will switch between if and else branches of if-else statements to make sure that the shortest branch is always first.

There are two ways to apply the refactoring; either on the selected text, or if no text is selected, on a whole project (depends on the file active in the editor).

The plug in is not polished yet. Some edge cases should be included. For example it is desirable that "Eliminate Redundant Equality" will also eliminate comparisons to null or that all refactoring that add parentheses will add them only when needed (currently "a != b" will be refactored into "!(a)" ).

Until I find time to fix these, feel free to take a look at the source code and maybe fork it and adjust it for your own needs. You can use it as an example of how to work with the refactoring framework of Eclipse.