Spartanization Plug-In For Eclipse

Posted on Sat 09 March 2013 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Eclipse, Software Engineering, Spartanization Plugin

I would like to share an Eclipse plug-in that I have recently developed. It possible to install it from the following update site:

If you are not familiar with "spartan programming", you can read about it on this Jeff Atwood's post or here for more …

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How to Add Items Into Eclipse's Refactor Menu

Posted on Sat 16 February 2013 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Eclipse, Plug-In, JDT

Recently, I was writing a plug-in that performs some refactoring (of which I will write in a separate post).

Writing the refactoring was not too complicated, but figuring out how add the menu items correctly into the Refactor menu took a lot of time.

I tried to figure this from …

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