Migrating Blogofile to Pelican

Posted on Sat 13 May 2017 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Blogofile, Pelican

Since I started writing this blog in 2012, I used Blogofile as the blogging platform.

Blogofile is a static website generator, meaning that the content is written and stored in a structured format like Markdown, then it is compiled offline into a set of HTML pages that can be hosted …

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Start New Blogofile Post With a Single Command

Posted on Fri 22 February 2013 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Blogofile

I wrote a bash script which should allow starting blogofile blog posts more conveniently. This will set up everything needed with a single command.

This script will perform:

  1. Create a file in the _posts directory. The file name will be prefixed with the next number in the sequence (personal choice …

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Strange Blogofile IO Error

Posted on Sat 13 October 2012 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Blogofile, Emacs

Sometimes when building a blogofile site I encounter "No such file or directory" IO error. In this article I will explain the cause of the error as well as how to prevent it.

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Highlighting Special Posts in Blogofile

Posted on Tue 25 September 2012 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Blogofile, Special

This simple but use-full blogofile hack will allow you to alter the style of posts which are marked as special. For example the post you are reading belongs to the "Special" category and therefore has a golden background instead of the gray default one.

This is quite straightforward hack, all …

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Why I Chose Blogofile as my Blogging Platform

Posted on Sun 02 September 2012 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Blogofile, Web Development, About

Blogofile is the blogging engine behind this blog.

First of all, what is "Blogofile"? The definition from the original website says:

Definition: Blogofile (n): A static website compiler and blog engine, written and extended in Python.

Blogofile creates a static, full featured blog out of posts that are stored in …

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