How to Enable Logging of Chat Sessions in ERC

Posted on Wed 04 December 2013 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Emacs

ERC is an irc client that runs inside emacs. I sometimes use it to ask question or read interesting discussions.

It is very nice to have the code I am working on and some interesting discussion side by side on the screen.

Sometimes I read something interesting and later want …

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Making Legacy Software Work On Windows

Posted on Sat 09 November 2013 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Linux, Windows, Wine

It sometimes happens that programs written for old versions of Windows will not work on new versions even with compatibility mode enabled. It is not uncommon for such program to crash and show some cryptic message that even a person of technical background can not understand. Sometimes only a simple …

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Combining ls and cat Commands

Posted on Sat 17 August 2013 in misc View Comments • Tagged with shell, sh, linux

Very often, when exploring contents of directory trees, I find myself confused between the the "ls" and "cat" commands and mistakenly type one instead of the other. Both these commands are used pretty often and conceptually they have similar meanings. One says "print out a content of directory". The other …

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OpenNI2 Samples and Dynamic Library Problems

Posted on Fri 02 August 2013 in misc View Comments • Tagged with openni, linux

While experimenting with the OpenNI2 samples, I sometimes would get the following error when trying to run one of the executables:

~/OpenNI-Linux-x86-2.2$ Samples/Bin/SimpleViewer
Samples/Bin/SimpleViewer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The dynamic library file …

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How to Save Money in Israel

Posted on Mon 01 April 2013 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Economics, Tips

It is always good to cut on household expenses, especially at times when product prices are rising. In this post I have gathered several tips that will help you save money monthly with only small impact on your quality of life.

Notice that this post is intended to help Israeli …

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Spartanization Plug-In For Eclipse

Posted on Sat 09 March 2013 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Eclipse, Software Engineering, Spartanization Plugin

I would like to share an Eclipse plug-in that I have recently developed. It possible to install it from the following update site:

If you are not familiar with "spartan programming", you can read about it on this Jeff Atwood's post or here for more …

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Start New Blogofile Post With a Single Command

Posted on Fri 22 February 2013 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Blogofile

I wrote a bash script which should allow starting blogofile blog posts more conveniently. This will set up everything needed with a single command.

This script will perform:

  1. Create a file in the _posts directory. The file name will be prefixed with the next number in the sequence (personal choice …

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How to Add Items Into Eclipse's Refactor Menu

Posted on Sat 16 February 2013 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Eclipse, Plug-In, JDT

Recently, I was writing a plug-in that performs some refactoring (of which I will write in a separate post).

Writing the refactoring was not too complicated, but figuring out how add the menu items correctly into the Refactor menu took a lot of time.

I tried to figure this from …

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How to Install an Acer Scanner Under Linux

Posted on Mon 12 November 2012 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Linux

I own an old Acer szw4300U scanner. Making it work with Linux is not exactly a plug and play, but not very complex either. Here is how it is done.


An easy way is to use SANE which is a framework that connects scanning software (frontends) with the scanners' …

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Strange Blogofile IO Error

Posted on Sat 13 October 2012 in misc View Comments • Tagged with Blogofile, Emacs

Sometimes when building a blogofile site I encounter "No such file or directory" IO error. In this article I will explain the cause of the error as well as how to prevent it.

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